If I wrote a novel what would it be?

I have memoir pieces and poems about my childhood and a little about adolescence. These were written 5-7 years ago. Recently I revisited the early 1970’s. But just scratched the surface.

Do I want to write it as a ‘straight’ memoir or fictionalize it? My thoughts all this time have been to fictionalize my stories. But why? Perhaps I should question this: my mother, stepfather, and grandparents are dead. My father doesn’t read (much). No fear here, fear of exposure. So what gives?

Maybe I should just keep writing and not worry about it.

2 Responses to “If I wrote a novel what would it be?”

  1. michaelulinedwards Says:

    You still have to research – read specific histories, read sociologies, read newspapers and books that discuss your times (and before) in the location you’re writing about. That’s what I did.

  2. Rashma N. Kalsie Says:

    Yes, write a memoir.

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